Gmail Password Recovery – St.Valentines update

We’re happy to release a major update that indeed makes the program the best of its’ kind in terms of recovering your Google passwords. If a Google password is saved on your PC by one of the applications that use Google services the program will find and show this password.

What’s been added:

  • Support for Google Desktop password decryption (CryptProtectData algorithm is used to store the encrypted password)
  • Support for Google Photos Screensaver password decoding (Google Picasa Screensaver) (CryptProtectData algorithm is used to store the encrypted password)
  • Support for decoding passwords from various Firefox extensions that use Google accounts: Gmail Manager passwords, Gmail Checker passwords, Webmail Notifier passwords, Gspace passwords & Gmail Notifier passwords (not to be confused with a stand-alone Gmail Notifier application that is supported already)


  • Decryption algorithm now supports Firefox 2.x.
  • During an upgrade from Firefox 1.x to Forefox 2.x sometimes signons2.txt file is added without migrating the data from signons.txt. In that case signons.txt is left without usage on your PC and you don’t even suspect your old data is still there (Firefox shows only signons2.txt if it exists). Gmail Password Recovery shows passwords from both signons.txt and signons2.txt

Let us know if you’re running a blog and wish to review the new version. We’ll give you a code for the review.

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